Immigrants arriving to our land.



December 23rd, 1883, Don Cesar Tornaghi along with 20 Italian immigrants arrived to Argentina.
They arrived in a steam and sail boat to “Central America” after a 45 day journey, when they were lodged in a hotel for immigrants for free. They moved to Santa Fe province by train and stayed in Rosario.


A fleet of carts transported them and after a 5 day journey they arrived to Mendoza and were lodged in a modest and simple place, where they were on their own and on a temporary basis, along with other immigrants who arrived there seeking for a job and a land to settle. There, a new fleet of carts was formed and once again it transported all the travelers and their baggage.

Don Hugo Tornaghi


They reached San Rafael. Once they were settled, Don Rodolfo Iselín, who was a wealthy landlord of this region, offered to sell them lands to be paid with work if necessary, which meant guaranteed paid work for them. Also, he would provide them with a credit for meat and groceries. Their primary goal was to have a land. In fact, some families decided to accept the offer and stayed in San Rafael.


By the year 1893 Don Cesar Tornaghi acquires these lands and along with his sons starts elaborating wine in his small winery between Tirasso and Italia Street, where you can find our premises nowadays.

Public instrument from 1893.

Insurance issued to Don César Tornaghi.


At first, wines were transported by train, and each barrel had a round label with the information related to the winery.


Later on, wines were carried in trucks coming directly out of our winery.

Our first lables.

Working at the winery.


Today, the descendants of that devoted Italian, under the 5th generation of family ownership, continue with this viticultural tradition and keep on elaborating quality products that preserve their high regard thanks to so many years of hard work and considerable effort.

This is the story of a group of adventurers who put their strength, sweat and claw to found the city of San Rafael.

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